XBMC Media Companion

XBMC Media Companion 3.098

Media Companion keeps,catalogue and organise large collections of media
3.098 Gen 2 (See all)

Media Companion is a program created for people who keep large collections of media and wish to catalogue and organise it.
It has the ability to parse media files and download corresponding information from the internet, this includes movie plot, rating, actor details, backdrops, posters and much more.
While the above is largely automatic the program also allows the user to edit all information downloaded, and browse all available posters and backdrops for selection.
Main features:
-Library style view of all your movies and TV shows (including episodes) letting you browse easily
-List your movies by either Movie Title or Filename / Foldername
-Automatically scrape information for any sized collection of movies from IMDB
-Smart Filtering strips unwanted tags from your movie filename for searching IMDB, or use the folder name
-Tries to match up movie year if it is located within the filename or foldername

Matches about 99% of movies correctly if format "Moviename (Year).ext" is used

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